Kulturhuset Stadsteatern och fontänen vid Sergels torg.

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Welcome to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern – Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre. Located right in Stockholm's political and commercial centre, it is also a public space for all people in Stockholm. The activities include libraries, theatre, debates, art exhibitions, film, dance and music.

The activities that are open in Kulturhuset at Sergels torg are the libraries, the ticket office, the shop and the restaurants. Opening hours are limited and the public performance and program activities are canceled.
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Customer Service

Monday–Friday: 09:00–12:00

Telephone number: +46 (0)8-506 20 200

You can also buy tickets on our website.

Ticket office and shop

Monday–Friday: 11:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday: 11:00–16:00

The ticket office is open until the last show or event has started.

Kulturbiblioteket & Serieteket (Fiction, Music, Comic Books etc.)

Monday–Friday: 15:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday: 12:00–16:00

Lava  (Library for everyone between 14 and 25 years)

Monday–Friday: 15:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday: 12:00–16:00

TioTretton (Children's Library 10–13 years)

Monday–Friday: 15:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday: 12:00–16:00

Rum för Barn (Children's Library 0–9 years)

Book your visit in advance. Times and tickets can be found on the library's Swedish page.


Customer Service

+46 (0)8-506 20 200

E-mail to customer service:

You can't book or return tickets through email.

Our libraries

Kulturbiblioteket & Serieteket +46 (0)8-506 20 348 
Rum för Barn +46 (0)8-506 20 273
TioTretton +46 (0)8-506 20 292
Lava +46 (0)8-506 20 180

Telephone exchange

+46 (0)8-506 20 100

If you have any ideas or want to know more about our previous activities, please send an email to: