Southnord x Kulturhuset

On 26 October, the Southnord x Kulturhuset art festival starts. At its core is the The Threshold is a Prism group exhibition which features paintings, sculptures, photography, videos and audio creations from around 20 artists. Throughout Kulturhuset, film showings, workshops, performances, storytelling and conversations are arranged.

The common denominator for all the exhibitors is their African connection and that they all pursue their art in the Nordics. Southnord x Kulturhuset marks the start of an art triennial that will take place in the Nordic capital cities. 

Jeannette Ehlers (DK/TT), Rafiki (CD/NO), Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole (NG/UK/SE), Sasha Huber (HT/CH/FI) and Dyami Rafn Andrews (US/IS) are some of the artists. Several of the exhibition's works have never been shown in Sweden before. 

– In an increasingly polarised world, there is a need for nuanced storytelling from different perspectives. I strive to make space for the many artistic expressions that come from the Afro-Nordic experience,says Visiting Curator Marcia Harvey Isaksson.

The exhibition runs until January and during a select number of weekends, there is a programme loaded with activities. For instance; Sofa Chats with artists, mini-seminars in collaboration with Etnografiska museet about black history in the Nordics, an archival collection with Black Archives Sweden and film showings with Cinemafrica. 

– We are pleased that we are opening up for more people to enjoy this art. Kulturhuset is a place for the strong experiencing of art, encountering more forms of art and expressions and making space for established and upcoming culture, says Linda Beijer, director of culture at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

Southnord x Kulturhuset 

26 October 2023-14 January 2024
Gallery 3: The Threshold is a Prism

Visiting Curator : Marcia Harvey Isaksson

Participating artists:

Ahmed Umar (Sudan/Norway)
Ami Weickaane (Senegal/France/Sweden)
Cecilia Germain (Sweden/Canada)
Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole (Nigeria/UK/Sweden)
Dina El Kaisy Friemuth (Egypt/Germany/Denmark)
Dyami Rafn Andrews (Iceland/USA)
Ernest Mancoba interpreted by Joseph Ndlovu (South Africa/Denmark/France)
Fatima Moallim (Somalia/Sweden)
Germain Ngoma (Zimbabwe/Zambia/Norway)
Guro Jabulisile Sibeko (Azania/Norway)
Ina Nian (Gambia/Sweden)
Ismaila Fatty (Gambia/Sweden)
Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark/Trinidad)
Khalid Shatta (Sudan/Norway)
Michelle Eistrup (Jamaica/USA/Denmark)
Musti (Somalia/Norway)
Rafiki (Democratic Republic of the Congo/Norway)
Santiago Mostyn (USA/Trinidad/Sweden)
Sasha Huber (Haiti/Switzerland/Finland)
Uwa Iduozee (Nigeria/Finland)

Focus weekends with activities

At the core of Southnord x Kulturhuset is the The Threshold is a Prism exhibition in Gallery 3. On three focus weekends during the exhibition period, there are side programmes for all ages throughout the Kulturhuset building. 

26-29 October: Sharing

The theme for the weekend is sharing – knowledge and experience, space and time, and stories. 

23-26 November: Digging

The theme for the weekend is archiving of personal and public artefacts, historical accounts and reaccounts, knowledge shortcomings and attempts to reconstitute and recreate cancelled histories. 

11-14 January: Caring

The theme for the weekend is caring – for oneself, one other and nature. 

About Southnord

Southnord aims to encourage exchange and discussions between Afro-Nordic artists. This project is a collaboration of a team of experienced curators and artists from the Nordic countries. This platform cooperates with other institutions and initiatives in realising larger, longer-term projects. The main event of the autumn is Southnord x Kulturhuset, which marks the start of an art triennial that will take place in the Nordic capital cities, one at a time. It will start in Stockholm in 2023 and move on to Helsinki in 2026, Copenhagen in 2029 and Oslo in 2032. 

For more information, opening hours and tickets, see our Swedish page.