A speck in space

Marionetteatern upsizes and fills the stage with giant jellyfish, a bicycle fish on wheels, a squirrel that’s fast as lightning and an unstoppable machine. With newly written music, puppets and colourful stage sets, we invite the audience into an imaginary world full of unexpected friends.

A speck in space is a story about our planet, a contemporary fable about mankind and how we relate to nature, on which we depend. The play features poetry, drama, magic and comedy.

Marionetteatern blends expressions, choreography and stage techniques inspired by puppet, mask, carnival and street theatre from all over the world.

A speck in space is suitable for all ages from 5 and upwards.

Performance length: 50 minutes. 

The performance is without words and  is possible for touring to medium sized and large stages.


On stage 


Hui-Han Hu

Magnus Erenius

Ida Steén

David Sigfridsson

Anders Johannisson


Av: Eva Brise

Av och regi: Helena Nilsson

Scenografi och kostym: Märta Fallenius

Ljusdesign: Olle Axén

Musik: Mikael Svanevik

Mask: Petra Göransson

Dockmakare: Kay Tinbäck Du Rées

I dockmakarverkstaden:

Hedvig Bergman

Anette Fredriksson

Timothy Johansson

Thomas Lundqvist

Karin Magnusson


For information and booking, contact:

Sofia Wärngård Lang, Producer, Marionetteatern