Tarabband, med Nadin Al Khalidi i spetsen, skapar musik som utgår från Malmö, rör sig via Medelhavet och landar i Kairo och Bagdad. Bandets musik och texter har omfamnats av såväl poeter i Gaza, klubbesökare i Beirut, prinsessor i Abu Dhabi, demonstranter i Tunisien och en ny kämpande generation i Irak. 2023 har bandet 15-årsjubileum - kom och fira med oss i Vitabergsparken!

Fri entré, inga biljetter krävs

Bandmedlemmarna i Tarabband
Andreas, Fredrik, Filip, Nadin, Valter och Cassius i Tarabband


Nadin Al Khalidi - sång, saz, mandol
Andreas Hourdakis - Gitarr, elgitarr
Filip Runesson - Violin
Cassius Lambert - Bas
Valter Kinbom - Percussion
Fredrik Gille - Percussion

About the show in English

Tarabband, a word game on Tarab and Band, is a six-member group founded in 2008 by Iraqi Egyptian Nadin Al khalidi and Swedish Gabriel Hermansson in Malmö, Sweden. A cross-cultural musical experience resonating tarab; the universal feeling when emotions and music become one. Tarabband’s music takes off from Malmö, travels via Paris and the Mediterranean to Cairo and Baghdad creating the band’s original compositions and sound. The group’s front figure and vocalist Nadin
Al khalidi fled from Iraq in 2001 arriving to Sweden as a refugee. Her lyrics merge political and social topics along with questions around identity, survival and love; always striving for peace and tolerance between the different cultures. Weaving the personal element into the songs allows Tarabband’s Arabic young audience to relate and connect with Nadin’s lyrics in a way that is relevant with the current
challenges young people are facing in the Middle East.