Kulturhuset Stadsteatern och fontänen vid Sergels torg.

Booking guide

For tickets follow our booking guide:
  • Select the date of the event and click the "BOKA" button.

  • Enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Price options are:
    Ordinarie pris = Full price
    Barn t.o.m. 12 år = Children up to 12 years 
    Pensionär = 65 years or older
    Stud. Från 26 år = Students 26 years or older
    Ungdom under 26 år = Young people below 26 years

  • Click the "FORTSÄTT" button.
    Enter your last name in the field labelled "Efternamn".
    Enter the phone number in the field labelled "Telefonnummer".
    Click the "BEKRÄFTA" button (confirm). 

Now it's time to pay for the tickets:

  • Keep the default selection and click the "FORTSÄTT" button.

  • Select "Kortbetalning" ("pay by credit card"), the correct card type and click the "FORTSÄTT" button.

  • Enter your credit card number in the field labeled "Kortnummer".
    Choose the right information in the "Gäller till månad" (valid month) and "Gäller till år" (valid year).
    Type in the CVC-code (the last three digits on the back of your credit card) in the field named "CVC-kod".
    Click the "FORTSÄTT" button.

  • Make a note of the control number ("Kontrollnr") of the ticket reservation.

  • Now you can print your tickets on your own printer if you have Adobe Reader installed. If you want to print your tickets, select "Skrivs ut direkt på din egen skrivare (e-biljetter)" and click button "FORTSÄTT". Otherwise you can pick them up at the box office in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern before the play/event begins. 

For questions or more info please contact our costumer service: