Stockholm International Comics Festival 2021

This year's edition of the Stockholm International Comics Festival (the twenty-third) will go digital due to the prevailing pandemic. Nonetheless, we will offer a huge program with fantastic representations of all the best that the art of comics has to offer!

Throughout May, we will upload programs with both Swedish and international comics creators, both live and pre-recorded. Information about this will be continuously posted here.

This year's Guest of Honour is the Belgian cartoonist Olivier Schrauwen, making his debut in Swedish translation with the acclaimed graphic novel Arsène Schrauwen from Lystring publishing house. Among our Swedish guests this year, you will find, among others, Anneli Furmark, Joakim Pirinen, Elin Lucassi, Åsa Schagerström and the textile artist Britta Marakatt-Labba! More guests will be presented soon.

Festival themes this year inlcude: Corona comics! Sami culture comics! Textile comics! As always we will move in every conceivable genre that the comics world has to offer! Several of this year’s spring releases will be focused on.

Our book fair will again be digital this year. From mid-May to mid-June, you will be able to take part from ’zine creators, publishers and organizations that are exhibiting at our trade fair Small Press Expo – on the web! More on this coming soon!

We long for physical festivals again. But this is the next best thing. Welcome to Stockholm's International Comics Festival 2021!

Information in Swedish. 

This year's festival picture
About Anneli Furmark

This year's official festival picture has been drawn by one of or most acclaimed grapphic novelists. Anneli Furmark has published nine comic books in the last twenty years, the most recent of which – 2020’s Gå med mig till hörnet! from Galago – may be one of the strongest graphic novels ever produced in Sweden. Her tranquil festival image perfectly captures the subject of creativity and cration in the shadow of the corona virus. In her own words:

The picture is about concentration, the one that can sometimes be achieved. The one that perhaps came easier when we were children, but still arises from time to time as a gift.

The picture is a tribute to the worlds you create when you are alone with your drawing, and perhaps also about the melancholy and the involuntary loneliness that the pandemic has caused.

Stockholm can be glimpsed in the background, and the objects in the frame could be both outdoors and indoors.

Because when you draw, you can be anywhere.