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Tricycle - Les Sages Fous. Fri scen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 2017
Foto: Marianne Duval

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Les Sages Fous - Wild puppet tamer workshop

Inbjudan till workshop!

söndag 12 november 2017
Marionetteatern • 750 kr

Internationally acclaimed puppet company Les Sages Fous invites you to explore the wonderful world of wild objects through their unique and unusual approach to puppet-taming. Encounter a lost world where the mask, the puppet, the object, and the human co exist...although not without conflict. To access this world, participants will use simple construction methods to create a creature with a mind of its own. They will then hone their manipulation and technical performance skills as they try to keep the creature under control.  - The puppet/puppeteer relationship will never be the same again!

Les Sages Fous - Tricycle - A loner and his tricycle embark on a mysterious voyage, peddling through dark alleys at the crossroads between two worlds.

Inspired by the collectors of Trois-Rivieres who travel the city on old tricycles in search of junk, Tricycle breaks the barriers between high culture and folk art.

Les Sages Fous presents a theatre of paradoxes; grotesque and poetic, ritual and mundane, domestic and marvellous. The company recreates a lost world where the mask, the puppet, the object and the human can co-exist. A theatre where images and gestures speak louder than words - a theatre as surprising and disturbing as it is undisciplined and wild.

Deltagare: Workshopen riktar sig till yrkesverksamma inom scenkonstområdet.
Antal deltagare:
15 st.
12 november kl 10 - 16 inkl lunch.
Var: Marionetteaterns scen, Kulturhuset-Stadsteatern, Stockholm.
Språk: Engelska.
Kostnad: 750:- inkl enklare lunch.
Ansökan: CV tillsammans med en kort motivering till varför du vill delta i workshopen mejlas till workshop@assitej.se senast den 23 oktober (även frågor gällande workshopen). Besked om du har antagits till workshopen lämnas den 5 november.

Föreställningen Tricycle med Les Sages spelas på kvällstid den 9, 10 och 11 november. Mer info och biljettbokning >>.

Workshopen och gästspelet är ett samarbete mellan Fri Scen, Marionetteatern, Svenska ASSITEJ och UNIMA Sverige.