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Júlia ist (Spain)

New European film 2019

Under Fontänen

Júlia is a spanish architecture-student who decides to take part in the Erasmus-exchange programme  with Berlin midway through her studies in Barcelona. Without giving it too much thought she leaves her homecountry for Germany.

Full of expectations but with little experience of living abroad, Júlia gets lost in the grey and cold city that is Berlin. The Erasmus-year however seems to have little to do with the adventure she expected when she arrived. Slowly, Júlia builds her life in Berlin and learns to understand who she is under these all-new circumstances. She gets to know the city from the inside and let’s herself get carried away by its inhabitants, even though she knows that she soon will have to return to Barcelona.

Elena Martín (*1992 in Barcelona) works in both theatre and film, in front and behind the camera as actress and director and screenplay-writer. She became famous in Spain in her role as Agatha in Les amigues d’Àgata (Agatha’s friends, 2015), a film that later lent its name to a whole movement in Catalan film, characterised by a very personal style of storytelling, both autobiographical and intimate.

Júlia ist started out as Martín’s end-of degree project at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and became her debut feature film when it was released in 2017. The film has been awarded several prizes, amongst others "Best director" at Malaga Film Festival.

The screening starts with an introduction to the director Elena Martín.

In cooperation with Instituto Cervantes.

Director: Elena Martín
Screenplay: Elena Martin, Maria Castellví, Marta Cruañas, Pol Rebaque
Starring: Elena Martín, Oriol Puig, Laura Weissmahr, amongst others
Country & production year: Spain, 2017
Length: 90 minutes
Languages: Catalan and German, English subtitles

The film is shown in the venue Under Fontänen which has table seating. You can purchase drinks at the bar in the entrance area of Under Fontänen prior to the screening.

Information about Júlia ist in Swedish >



Under Fontänen


7 november 2019


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