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Angel Face

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Angel Face (France)

Original title: Gueule d'ange

Under Fontänen

Eight-year-old Elli and her mother, Marlène, live in a small town by the French Riviera where they act out to relieve boredom and hide from social services. When Marlène caves in to yet another night of excess, she chooses to leave Elli behind for a man she just met. The young child must confront her mother’s demons in order to get her back.

Vanessa Filho (*1980) succeeded not only in aquiering one of France’s most popular actresses but also getting nominated for the renowned Un certain regard-award at Cannes festival 2018 for her debut feature. Even if film has been her biggest passion since she was 13, she has also been active as art photographer and musician in her duo Smoking Smoking.

In cooperation with the French Institute Sweden.

Director: Vanessa Filho
Writer: Vanessa Filho, Diastème
Starring: Marion Cotillard, Ayline Aksoy-Etaix, Alban Lenoir, amongst others
Country & production year: France, 2018
Length: 108 minutes
Language: French, English subtitles

The movie is shown in the salon in Under Fontänen and it is table seating. There is service in connection with the salon.

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Under Fontänen


4 juni 2019


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