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New European film 2019

February 12–June 4

Critically acclaimed feature films made by Europe’s most interesting female directors

In this new season of  New European film we present five carefully selected feature films by some of Europe’s most promising new female directors.

We want to highlight women behind the camera because they are still marginalized in the cinema repertoire. There is a huge imbalance when it comes to the amount of films screened in cinemas directed by men in comparison to the amount of films in cinemas directed by women. However, films directed by women participate to a higher degree in national and international festivals and they win more awards than films directed by men.

According to a recent study by the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA), only one in five films from the years 2006-2013 in the seven countries that were studied, was directed by a woman. Furthermore, no less than 84% of funding resources go to men and only 24% of directors in the film industry are women - despite the fact that women make up 44% of the students graduating from film schools.

In the five films that are featured in the series we join German construction workers to the Bulgarian countryside, we follow two mermaids to a Polish nightclub and suffer with a bullied mother and daughter in England. Each screening is accompanied by an introduction to the director.

Buy your tickets via the ticketlink on each film site.

See you at The Fountain!

The movies are shown in the salon in Under Fontänen and it is table seating. There is service in connection with the salon.

New European film 2019 is a coproduction of Kulturbiblioteket’s film club, Klarabiografen, Goethe Institute Sweden, the Polish Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the French Institute and British Council with the British Embassy.

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