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Illustration: Elin Sandström
Illustration: Elin Sandström


One meter to the future

August 31–September 29

What is your dream? What are your fears? In a time of melting ice caps, forest fires and polluted oceans, you set off on a long voyage, travelling through hopeful dreams and looming threats, to the year 2069. What is the world you encounter like? And what did you see along the way?

With these words, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern invited eleven-year-olds all over Sweden to present their vision of the world in 2069 through art. There are no right or wrong answers. The only guidelines were that the work of art should be no larger than one square meter, and that the artist was eleven years old.   

The art could be in any medium, and some kids worked in groups, others individually. The idea was to inspire creativity and open up for a free interpretation of the future, without limits.

In art, we can face our concerns and our fears, but we can also call for change, trust and hope. Here are images of a broken planet, black holes, robots, electric flying cars, favourite dogs, and life in other worlds.

In the exhibition ONE METER TO THE FUTURE, eleven-year-olds take centre stage in Stockholm. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen, because these kids have something to say.

Welcome to year 2069

The exhibition was produced by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and is a collaboration between Art/Design and Fashion and the TioTretton Library.

Opening Hours

Monday 15–19 (Free admission)
Tuesday–Friday 11–19
Saturday–Sunday 11–17


Admission 40:-. Free admission for those up to 25 years. Free admission on Mondays.

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