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Illustration: Lina Neidestam
Illustration: Lina Neidestam

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May 9th–10th • free admission

9 maj - 10 maj 2015

The Stockholm International Comics Festival [SIS] will take place for the seventeenth time on May 9th–10th (plus pre-events earlier in the week) organized by Serieteket and friends.

There will be Swedish and international guests, a huge comics market, stage talks, seminars, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and meetings in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and beyond.

This year’s festival will showcase a lot of comics for children and young adults. We will take a closer look at comics from the French language areas of the world, as well as from some of the Asian countries. We will also focus on questions regarding artistic freedom and freedom of speech. As usual, most of the Swedish comics scene will be present.

COMING SOON: More information about guests and program will be published here shortly.

Organized with support from Statens Kulturråd.

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