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DOCH:s masterstudenter i koreografi presenterar sina slutproduktioner i Hörsalen i maj.
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Slutproduktioner av masterstudenter i koreografi

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by Noah Hellwig

Foajé 3

Multiplex Realities - is an umbrella title for the construction of reality through social and sensorial experience. It is also the title of a performance of two separate experiences existing simultaneously in two different rooms parallel to each other. 

You will enter into this experience one person at a time. Together we will be moving, talking, walking, communicating, shaping, adapting, creating and oscillating inside different parallel realities which are constantly evolving with time. The sensorial, social and imaginary perceptions of reality will be interleaved into one experience where truths and structures are challenged and potential futures are constantly changing. 

Performers: Disa Krosness and Noah Hellwig
Music: Miranda Abrahamsson 
Virtual Reality Design: Johann Prell - Vobling
Light design: Johan Sundén
Sound design: Elize Arvefjord
Supported by: Gabriel Widing


Noah Hellwig is a dancer and choreographer who traverse contexts of extended choreography, contemporary dance, ballet, performance art and baroque dance. 

Hellwig´s work is informed by performative games and technologies, and his interest travels between subjective sensorial experience, creations through dreamlike fantasies, limits of personal capabilities, queering identities, the beauty of complexity and the sciences ability to construct reality.

Multiplex Realities is actually two different performances on the same theme. They are performed as two different experiences in Foajé 3, in two separate "rooms". Each "room" is led by a performer which will meet one audience member at a time. As audience you can book your ticket by choosing which "room" you would like to go to, there is "Rum F" and "Rum V". The experiences in the "rooms" are independent of each other. If you would like to visit both "rooms" then you are recommended to book a ticket for each "room" but with different starting times.

"Rum F" will be listed as "Bänk 1 Plats 1 - 1" on the tickets.
"Rum V" will be listed as "Bänk 2 Plats 2 - 2" on the tickets.

We kindly ask the audience to wait next to the entrance of Foajé 3. The performers will meet you and let you in when the performance starts. 

The performances are about 20 minutes each. 



By Eliisa Erävalo

Public interventions.
Ongoing in the main entrance between 12.00 - 16.00
(Exception: 21 may, 12.00 - 15.00)
18, 19, 20 and 21 May. 



By Eliisa Erävalo

A collection A becoming of what is there A public space A waterfall falling through A archiving of what was A graveyards future A handful of clouds A gathering around A thank you to ABF Stockholm A document from a work called ’A Porous Touch’ A you watching me watching you watching me A mediated extension A archiving of what was A waterfall 

Eleonora Fabião, Pontus Pettersson, Aleksandra Sende, Marie Fahlin and all the ones supporting this work. 


Eliisa Erävalo is a Stockholm based choreographer and performer. A Porous Touch is a collection of interventions in the public space. A Porous Touch – Mediated Documents extends and documents that work in a theatre space. The work Eliisa has lately been doing develops of different concept couples as outside-inside, technology-nature, matter-spirit and winner-loser. 



By Runa Norheim

Choreography for Hörsalen is generated by a soundtrack that guides the audience on a trajectory through Kulturhuset. Accompanied by the soundtrack a text read simultaneously by Runa Norheim describes its visual environments. Image and sound is disconnected in order to be reconnected. 

The work is mediated through sound and text, while the choreographic experience is activated by the audience imagination. The audience co-creates a third space which is singular for each member of the audience in a shared space.  

We travel together through multiple spaces and temporalities.
Reading and Field recording: Runa Norheim
Sound design: Elize Arvefjord and Kristian Hverring
Supported by: Sidney Leoni and Zoë Poluch 


Runa Norheim investigates the relationship between the audience and the spatial context.Questions concerning agency of perception, embodied experience and spatial sensitivity have been crucial for her work.The importance she gives to the audience, as co-producers of their own experience is reoccurring. Her work is informed by choreography, theater, architecture and public space interventions. Norheim holds a BA in acting from The Norwegian Theater Academy.



By Ida Sidenvall


- And then this song was a place, too.

And Then This is Another Song is happening in a time bracket. Then it extends that bracket, and then it stays there for a while. Then it exists in that suspension, because it is like a suspension, and then it talks about songs there. And then it welcomes songs to happen there, too.

Performers: Caroline Pyo Soon Byström and Ida Sidenvall
Sound design: Neda Sanai
Supported by: Malin Arnell and Tova Gerge 


Ida Sidenvall is a choreographer and performer based in Stockholm. She works from a place of listening and relating to that which is not yet established or named. Through choreography, she is proposing a space and an atmosphere where she and her audience can receive, become background, and co-exist. In this space the idea of cause and effect is challenged and new songs can appear.

Limited amount of audience: 35



By Ursula Nill


Schichten is layering and the layers. It traces another space in the space.

In an on-going gesture of re-embodiment, the movement material is made by the movement I was made of.  The “I” appears at the same time as the subject and the object of an unreachable dance. The “I“ contains the ghosts that contain me and assimilates into an always altering landscape of traces, stories and nows.

Performer: Ursula Nill
Music: Ursula Nill and Simon Rummel
Supported by: Chrysa Parkinson


Ursulas Nills work is concerned with how the body is conditioned, shaped and understood in different contexts. Through physical and repetitive work she uses her own body to investigate the political and cultural environments of her surroundings.

Ursula was born in Basel (CH) and works as a dancer with Barbara Fuchs/tanzfuchs Produktion, Angie Hiesl Produktion, Karin Beier/Schauspiel Köln a.o. and as a choreographer for herself.


Title: TROPIC OF CAPRICORN - a swedish piece. 

By: Arnaud Bourgoin

Tropic of Capricorn, puts sex and sexuality in perspectives; «What do I look at?» «From which place do I look?»

From this awareness of spectatorship, the work questions how different apparatus of description, words and movements, could challenge the social norms, the norms of representation or the normative regime of the speech. 

At the very core of performativity, this proposition uncovers the unsatisfying character of some famous couples, such as nature - culture and subject - object and repair at the same time the emptiness between representation and experience. 
The impossible is yet to come and the unimaginable is duty : this piece celebrates the artifact, the deep feelings, the things that escape, the ones we can even not think.

I am your puppet, and I make you move. 

Choreography: Arnaud Bourgoin with guest performers Hanna Edh, Estelle Gautier and Julie Menut.
Light design: Johan Sundén
Sound design: Elize Arvefjord
Supported by: Halla Ólafsdóttir


Arnaud Bourgoin is a choreographer and performer. His work develops through different formats such as choreography, performance, gardening, writing and handcrafted activities learned from the Internet. Lately, the work have been questioning the tension between authorship and authority, and the imperialistic western subject "I" to finally end up in the thoughts of ecology and the anti-Anthropocene. The shift of perspectives as much as the plurality of the identities and references are necessary canvas of Arnaud´s work.





Olika spelplatser


18 maj 2016


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