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Media Representation in Question: How to Represent Indignity in Dignity?

onsdag 25 oktober 2017
Studion • Fri Entré

How can fair representation be guaranteed in a hyper-mediated world, shaped on all sides by cameras and screens? The question arises whilst humans live increasingly inside the images of the world rather than in the world itself. And the question becomes urgent whilst some inhabitants of our world are in effect denied the means to produce their own image, having to face politicians and the media who abuse their power of representation in contempt of human rights.

Read more about "Equal Before the Image?" and see the whole program here.


Introduction by Katarina Nitsch, Critical Images, The Royal Institute of Art.

Charif Kiwan, filmmaker
Nathalie Delbard, art historian
Göran Rosenberg, journalist and writer
Rebecka Thor, writer and researcher in Aesthetics