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Reserving your table for the [spx] market

Table reservations for the [spx] market at The Stockholm International Comics Festival (May 5–6 2018)

Have you just made your first fanzine, or do you run a publishing house? Do you represent a fan organization or a school for comics artists? In either of these cases you are most welcome as an exhibitor at our [spx] market!

It is now time for those who want to have a table at our [spx] market to sign up for the 2018 edition scheduled for the weekend May 5– 6.


The vendor tables measure 120 x 70 cm. They cost 550 sek regardless of placement and number. One table is 550, two 1 100 and so forth. One reservation is valid for both days.


The reservation process has two steps:

1. You pay for your table(s) space through our web page (see below).
Payment via charge card (VISA, Mastercard etc.) Masterpass, or directly via one of the following banks: Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea and SEB.
PLEASE NOTE! Save the confirmation! That is your receipt and proof of purchase.

2. Send the reference number you received when paying along with your contact information: bordsbokningspx@gmail.com

The information we need from you via e-mail:

•Name (of the reservant and/or company).
•Social security number and/or company registration number.
•Reference number from your receipt/payment confirmation.
•State if you wish to have wi fi access.
•Will you have company at your table? Give us an estimate of the number of people!

• Do not forget to pay through our web site AND send your information to bordsbokningspx@gmail.com
• Save the receipt!
• Can't pay online? Send us an e-mail and we’ll help you out!

Last day for payment/registration is March 1st 2018. (Although please note that all the tables have normally been booked within the first hour.)


The exhibitor/seller at the the market table is responsible for practicing good accounting according to the law, including payment of tax.

Our festival started in 1998 as a celebration of artistic freedom. We cherish these values. But, if you know that your stuff can be perceived as offensive, we recommend you to take that into account. For example, do not advertise it too explicitly and/or note with signs that the content is not suitable for minors. The festival supports and works for gender equality, anti-racism, HBTQ rights and human rights.

An information package will be dispatched to you in early April.
We look forward to seeing you at the Stockholm International Comics Festival 2018!




5 maj 2018


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